Turkey Dressing

Thanksgiving Dressing … or do you do stuffing?
As the Thanksgiving Day feast nears I Vamped on dressing.  Not Cross dressing or dressing down or up, I’m talking stuffing a bird cavity with starchy goodness that any Thanksgiving table is bare without.
Now dressing is not a unique thing to our American Thanksgiving as people have been stuffing animal cavities for as long as they have been cooking.  But think of the pilgrims when they got a look at a turkey and the volume of possibilities available in a bird with that girth!  Now it seems the possibilities are endless.  The range goes from oysters to white castle sliders and everything in between.  A Mangia Maniac will not settle for stove top (though 60 million tables will have it) and to help we have some tips.

Christmas Song Contest

Hey, now is your chance to collaborate with MangiaTV on our Christmas Song. We are looking for two or three verses to round out the song. Below are the first two. Sharpen your pencils and get writing. Winner will receive a bag of rub a month for an entire year. Send entries to Info@mangia.tv with Christmas song in the

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subject line by December 14th, 2015. Check out the video below to get a feel of the tune.


Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays.  From an epic candy haul as a short cake to a tee peeing maniac teenager and then on to a college road trip professional I leaned into this holiday.  Even as a young adult and through parenting Halloween has always been special.  Along the way I’ve learned that it is a great time to just be a kid again, and having a costume that makes people laugh…even at you is the best.
I have learned that the best drink to warm yourself after taking the kids trick or treating in freezing temps is the Hot Toddy.

My Fall Garden

It’s that time of year where the bounty of your work in the garden is at hand. Well, to be honest, I don’t tend to a garden but my sister Laura, a master gardener, does and we had the chance to sit-down with a fantastic bottle of wine (Inspiration Vineyard’s 2010 Cab) and discuss the harvest and the planning of a fall garden.
Laura pointed out there is still plenty of time to get some things planted such as radishes, micro greens, and spinach for enjoyment through the fall. Other things like garlic that were harvested recently can be dried for use over the next year, and a portion planted back in the ground in the coming weeks to repeat the cycle.


Mushroom Me
There are around 10,000 types of mushrooms that we know of and only around 100 of them are poisonous.  Which leads me the question… how am I going to taste them all?  The mushroom is storied and magical.  They have been used for cooking and for religious ceremony for as long as man has walked the forests and meadows.  Their ability to bring flavor to a dish may only be out performed by their many health benefits.  Yea Mushrooms!
Mushrooms are a natural glutamate.  We have all heard of MSG, an additive famous in Chinese food that will make you doze off in the first quarter of the big game.  The G stands for glutamate and it enhances food flavor and gives food a fantastic mouth feel.  Well our friend the mushroom is a natural glutamate and not only enhances other flavors and provides silky mouth feel, mushrooms add an earthy flavor profile like nothing else.

Tailgating Tips

Tailgating, a little history… as is true of lots of great traditions, no one is sure exactly when the first tailgate happened. So let’s not argue whether it was a Yale football game in 1904 or a Packer game in 1919. The fact is, bringing food and beverages to a ‘sporting event’ must be as old as ‘sporting events’ have been put on. I mean are you going to trust the food to some lackey or are you going to seal the deal and put a little effort into the meal beforehand and have great food and drink, assuring a great time no matter what the outcome of the ‘event’ is.

You’re Poutine Me On’

To be more accurate, ‘You’re Poutine Me On A DIET’ after a week in Canada, and several encounters with that delectable dish…Poutine.  Us Yankees would know it as ‘Fries with Gravy’… and not Sunday gravy, I’m talking all kinds of brown gravy.
We tried the entire gamut of poutine from fast food to gourmet restaurant fare.  I must say, we didn’t come across a serving we didn’t completely demolish, but there were definitely some stand outs, and some surprises.

Craft Beer

The 2015 #bendbrewfest brought 71 fermenters of nature’s bounty from traditional beer (malt, barley, hops) and hard cider (apples) to mead (honey) and even a vintner (grapes).  With so many choices it was not possible to taste them all…but I gave it the old college try.  I learned a few things along the way too.

DOs and DONTs For Attending A Boat Party

I’m going on the Squaeler, what should I bring?
Many years ago my family used to go picnic at Olive Park at the end of Miegs Field. We would have the ‘go to’ picnic fare…a couple of buckets of the Colonel’s chicken with all the fixens. We would then walk Burnham harbor and go to Soldier Field to take in the then yearly all-star game played between the Super bowl champs and the college stars coming into the NFL. As we would walk the harbor we would marvel at the boats/yachts and dream and name our boat that we surely would have in Burnham someday. Well I don’t know for sure about all the visualization stuff you hear about, but we did end up with a killer boat in the harbor and have learned a few things along the way as far as what foods are great on the boat, and what to avoid.

Shooting LIVE TV show with a Sony Xperia Smartphone

Have you experienced technology disruption in regards to your career? Well I have and it took the greatest job on the planet and gave it to the geeks and computers. I am talking about the once fast paced, my word is my bond, world that was the commodity trading pits in Chicago. I can’t complain because it was a time and a place I was blessed to be around. I will say though, as Big D points out, it’s kind of like suffering from PTSD when you try to assimilate into the real world after spending 25 plus years in economic combat.