Stocking Stuffers for Cooks


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When it comes to Christmas gifts I have evolved my thinking and give more thought to the stocking stuffers. Part of this evolved out of difficult economic times, but it also gave me purpose to make the gifts I could afford ones that would surely be useful.
For the cook in your life we have come up with some ones that will help and bring an appreciative smile to their face.

  • Mason Jar Tap: This add on to a mason jar lets you pour your infused oils and such with ease. If you have made beet kvass, you can pour your daily shot with no mess.
  • Thermometer: Now I am old school on this as I have ruined too many digital thermometers to recommend. I know they are slick and fast, it’s just I have the same problem with expensive sunglasses. I invariably sit or step on them. Drop them in the fire or off the boat. The same thing happens to me with thermometers and at $80 for a good one I stick to the old school metal one. They work great for me.
  • Cast Iron Grill Press: For perfect flat bacon to the best grilled cheese you need a grill press. We found one designed as a pig. Never use the bottom of another pan again!
  • Grease Keeper: The best secret ingredient in your kitchen is Bacon Fat…ie grease. You should always buy high quality naturally smoked bacon and the grease left over is liquid gold in the kitchen. Gone are the days of the coffee pan under the sink.
  • Basting Brush: Everything needs a little basting. You have the grease…now brush it on! Keep hitting whatever is on the grill with whatever you marinated it in!
  • Organic/local coffee beans or teas: there are tons of coffee roasters in every city now, and everyone loves coffee.
  • Mustards, oils, olives, condiments: the fancy types that make great antipasti trays or cheeseboards.
  • Gift Cards – that’s a no brainer! We recommend wine gift cards that give back to charities from Cellar Angels
  • Small bottles of spirits – high end scotch, bourbon and rye can have some lofty price points so think about buying small bottles of the best stuff money can buy for the stocking.
  • MangiaTV Rub: Of course no stocking is complete without some MangiaTV Rub!

These are just a starting point but giving thought to what your cooks kitchen is missing will lead you in the right direction. Make sure the stocking is big and stuff it full of useful things.