Mangia TV, A little about us

Our Story

Mangia TV began in 2011 with a mission to bring people together through food, family, and community.

The name “Mangia” comes from the Italian word meaning “eat up!” We explore food as a core human need that nurtures our bodies and souls.

Our shows feature authentic recipes, tips, and traditions to rekindle the joy of cooking. From our Cooking Vamp to our ‘Weekend Inspiration’ streams of timeless shows from the past you will learn something on every visit.

Supporting Small Businesses

We also highlight amazing mom and pop restaurants, bars, and food trucks. Our family has been in the restaurant industry for decades, so we love to help these hard-working food heroes with game changing Cajun spice and cooking tips.

Award-Winning Rubs

Our backyard grilling has evolved into award-winning BBQ! Our family recipes earned 1st Place for Ribs at Lake Villa Ribfest in 2012 and 2013. 

We’ve also competed at Windy City BBQ Classic and Westmont BBQ, ranking top 10. Our versatile dry rubs work their magic on proteins from ribs and chicken to fish and crustaceans! And let’s not forget our special use case for burgers and steak!

Join the Community

We invite you to join the conversation and share your food secrets too. Let’s connect over our love of cooking meals that feed our families in body and spirit.

“Do yourself a favor and cook someone a great meal” Today!!! The Mangia family looks forward to cooking with you.