Turkey Dressing

Thanksgiving Dressing … or do you do stuffing?
As the Thanksgiving Day feast nears I Vamped on dressing.  Not Cross dressing or dressing down or up, I’m talking stuffing a bird cavity with starchy goodness that any Thanksgiving table is bare without.
Now dressing is not a unique thing to our American Thanksgiving as people have been stuffing animal cavities for as long as they have been cooking.  But think of the pilgrims when they got a look at a turkey and the volume of possibilities available in a bird with that girth!  Now it seems the possibilities are endless.  The range goes from oysters to white castle sliders and everything in between.  A Mangia Maniac will not settle for stove top (though 60 million tables will have it) and to help we have some tips.

  • The bread can be fresh sourdough, Italian, or others torn apart and set out to dry.
  • Take care to cook all ingredients with care as if they would stand alone.  Mushrooms sautéed in butter, garlic and white wine.
  • Sautee onion celery a little garlic.  Leave the leaves on the celery.  You can add chopped lovage or Italian parsley.  Fresh sage over dried.  Make sure you have some raw onion and celery in the mix for a bit of al dente texture.
  • Sausage, oysters or apparently sliders can give you dressing a kick. Easy here…less is more.
  • Rehydrate bread with your choice of stock or butter or milk and egg mixture.  I have always been a BUTTER guy.  Good full fat Irish butter!
  • Stuff the front … the back… Aunt Sally’s face hole and by all means an extra turkey or a couple 9×13 baking pans for …LEFTOVERS

Get to work as the clock is ticking.  Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at MangiaTV.  Please share your thanksgiving feast pictures with us.