A Taste of Therapy ep. 11 – Getting Over a Grudge with Blueberry Pecan Brie

This week on Therapy Thursday, our Food Therapist Allison Carver shares a fun way to get over an old grudge while making Blueberry Pecan Brie.
A Taste of Therapy is a live and interactive show on Mangia TV which helps couples reconnect and lead a better life together. Each week host Allison Carver shares a simple recipe which also helps solve relationship issues or problems. Fight it out in the kitchen and communicate better through Cooking Therapy! During the live taping viewers can send in questions or share ideas amongst themselves in the “chat” box next to the video stream. Join us every Thursday at 7:30pm EST!
For full Blueberry Pecan Brie and step by step directions on how to get over a grudge, visit Allison’s blog.