Flatlander In Bend ep.6 – Rat Hole Brew Pub

This week on Flatlander In Bend Bob stops by Rat Hole Brew Pub in Bend OR and talks to Les – the owner, heart and soul of the pub.

About Rat Hole Brew Pub

rathole_beers3_borderIt’s true that Rat Hole Brew Pub’s delicious craft beers started out being brewed first inside a house and then inside a barn/shed that was renovated for brewing. I guess humble beginnings can carry with a business in a good way. At Rat Hole Brew Pub, you’ll see the owner Les busing tables and chatting with customers throughout the day. Les is the heart and soul of the Rat Hole Brew Pub and the locals love him. Now that Rat Hole has established the brew pub, customers can come in and enjoy the award winning craft beers and delicious Southwestern food to go with it.
At Rat Hole, the craft beer list is always being rotated to seasonal beers and new beers that we know you’ll love. Rat Hole has won several awards for many of its beers and feels their beer is some of the best craft beer in Bend, Oregon. That’s really saying something. We’d love for you to come in and enjoy a hot meal and a chilled beer out on our patio this summer. Or come in and meet friends after work for a few beers and watch the game and try out a few appetizers.
We strive to keep things entertaining for our customers by offering locals nights and live music throughout each week. We also celebrate holidays with food and beer specials and love to see locals come in and enjoy them with us. Being near the heart of the Old Mill District allows us a great, convenient location for our customers. Do some shopping on Old Mill, float the river, or board Mt. Bachelor and then head on over to Rat Hole Brew Pub and enjoy the atmosphere as much as you’ll love the craft beers and great food.

Rat Hole Brew Pub
384 SW Upper Terrace Dr.
Bend, Oregon.
Telephone: 541.389.2739