Cooking Vamp ep 76 – Live with Outdoor Guru and Motivator Mia Anstine

This week on Mangia TV’s Cooking Vamp host Bob Heffernan welcomes Mia Anstine – a  hunting guide, shooting instructor, archery instructor, mentor, motivator and writer/vlogger for NRA.
From the website
About Mia
I am a hunting guide for and co-owner of Wolf Creek Outfitters, Inc., where I guide hunters in their elk, mule deer, black bear or Merriam’s turkey hunts. I spend many days per year in the field, hunting, fishing and shooting. I’m also a certified archery and firearms instructor. I write, offer courses and presentations to inspire others.
Free-lance writer
I pen a column at the Women’s Outdoor News called Mia and the Little Gal. It is sponsored by Girls with Guns Clothing.
I have a column, “For the Ladies”, at Western Whitetail Magazine.
I am also a contributor to a variety of other publications. Subscribe to see more articles.
I am an active board member for my local SCI chapter. I am a member of Colorado’s Sportsman’s Roundtable committee. I am a member of the Professional Outdoor Media Association. I’m a lifetime NRA member.
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More about ME
I feel it is important for everyone to get a chance to connect with Mother Nature and the outdoor life.  I spend many days in the outdoors, hunting, fishing or shooting and always look forward to sharing my many unforgettable adventures.
I grew up in a rural area of Southwest Colorado.  I spent my time as a child near the river in front of our home, and hiking in the hills behind.  It is there that I began my adventures and learned to respect the outdoors.  My father hunted to provide for our family, and taught me firearm safety and how to dress and process animals.  My mother taught me how to prepare wild game, how to garden, sew and to live off the land.  In my teen years, my parents divorced and I moved to the city with my mother.  It is there that I learned to truly appreciate the outdoors and all my fantastic experiences as a young child.
At WCO we offer private land hunts in New Mexico and Colorado.  I spend more than 200 days each year in the outdoors hunting, scouting, shooting and fishing.  In the past, I have hunted red stag, bull tahr, elk, mule deer, black bear, whitetail, turkey, game birds, waterfowl, predators, varmints, hogs, carp and have many more hunts on my bucket list. I enjoy presenting and participating in firearms courses, archery courses and various ladies outdoor events.  My outfitting company promotes, and I guide, ladies and children for their first big game or turkey hunt.  Come hunt with me!