Sweet Cajun Lentils

Sweet Mangia Lentils
Happy #MeatlessMonday! Today we’re sharing another vegetarian recipe you can make using Mangia Sweet Cajun Dry Rub! (Available at www.mangia.tv)
Sweet Cajun Lentils
1 c. yellow lentils
3- 4 c. water
2 small tomatoes, diced
2 cloves garlic, chopped
1/4 yellow onion, diced
1 tbsp. Sweet Mangia Dry Rub
2 tsp. salt
juice of one lemon
olive oil
Rinse lentils,, set aside
In a large frying pan heat olive oil and garlic, onion, tomato, Mangia, and 1 tsp salt. Cook until onions are just turning translucent.
Add lentils, lemon juice, 1 tsp salt, and 3 cups water. Cook on medium heat stirring occasionally for 30 min or until lentils are desired consistency. Add more water if needed.
Serve alone, or over rice!

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