Rotisserie This!

Rotisserie This
If you are one of the lucky ones, and have a rotisserie set up on your grill, let’s just say hoorah!  In my previous house I had a Mack Daddy grill with a proper rotisserie set up.  I learned a few things along the way for perfect rotisserie chicken.
One thing you have to be aware of when cooking with this method is any sugar based rub or marinade will have a tendency BURN if applied at the beginning of cooking.  My go to method for killer chicken is

  1. Make sure chicken is cleaned and dried well
  2. If you have a sugar base rub/marinade, only apply to the inside
  3. Olive oil on the outside
  4. Once chicken/s are ¾ done start painting bird with olive oil/Mangia sweet rub mixture

When you wait to apply the rub mixture the bird will already be browning up.  The added sugars and spice will continue the browning and flavoring process.  When you finish them, pull them off and let them sit.  Patience at this time is imperative, and quite possibly the hardest thing in the world, as properly done rotisserie chicken is…. As we say in the MangiaTV kitchen… Physical!!!
If you have a rotisserie and have not used it…get off your tush, order some rub, and fire that baby up.  Then let us know what time we should be over for dinner!

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