Fried Tofu Triangles

Mangia Fried Tofu Triangles
Happy #MeatlessMonday! Today we made Mangia Fried Tofu Triangles!
1 block extra firm tofu, sliced into triangles
Mangia Cajun Dry Rub
oil for frying
sliced green onions for garnish
Sprinkle salt on tofu and let sit on a paper towel for 30 min to an hour. This will remove some moisture before frying.
Transfer tofu to a work surface and sprinkle Mangia rub on each side, rubbing it with your fingers. Follow with a small amount of cornmeal.
Let tofu sit and heat oil in a frying pan on the stove. When oil is hot hot hot add tofu in small batches (4-5 triangles) frying for a few minutes on each side or to desired crispiness. Remove to a paper towel to drain excess oil.
Top with sliced green onions and enjoy as a crispy, delicious, vegetarian snack!

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