Winter BBQ Ribs, A Cooking Hack

Winter BBQ Ribs, A Cooking Hack

It’s the dead of winter and what a great time to talk about BBQ. You say BBQ is a summer thing and I say you’re a quitter. got its legs from winning a winter BBQ competition, and our method is something I use in winter to save time and all year when time is a concern. Learn these quick and easy steps and you will have fall off the bone, amazing ribs every time.

  • howtoRemove membrane from inside of rack. ( I like to use a filleting knife to gain a piece, then use paper towel for improved grip to tear off inside membrane)
  • Rub front and back of rack with a generous amount of Mangia Sweet rub.
  • Lay rack or racks on sheet pan and add a cup of… broth, apple cider, beer, wine, ect.
  • Foil tent pan and seal good and tight
  • Bake at 325F for an hour at least. (till meat is peeling back from bones edges)
  • Apply more rub and use liquid in pan for basting.
  • Place ribs on HOT grill, Add BBQ sauce if you like, or keep basting with pan liquid. Grill till both sides have a nice char on them.
  • No grill, not a problem, put the ribs under the broiler till they are charred nice.

This style of what really turns out to be ‘poaching’ the meat before putting it on the grill results in super moist great even flavor dishes. Buy some award winning rub today and thrill the crowd at your next winter get together with fantastic, easy BBQ.

Remember to support your local butcher and one of our favorites is the Paulina Meat Market on Chicago’s north side.


We also talk about Winter BBQ Ribs in this week’s Cooking Vamp webcast – click HERE to watch it.


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