Super Bowl 50 Party Must Haves

Super Bowl 50 Party Must Haves
I love football…and the Super Bowl. It’s like the best Holliday party without all the bullshit of the Hollidays. At MangiaTV we have talked before about making your Super Bowl partywell… super. Here is our list of MUSTS:
Big screen HD TV: The HD part nowadays is somewhat moot, but the bigger the better. We also would recommend a projection system for a bigger than life display!
Huge Selection of Drinks: This party deserves a ‘bar’ that is over and above the call of duty. Screw you Coors light display… Get the good stuff.

MangiaTV Wraps: Start with tortillas as big as an NFL flag. Then kick up the protein with Deep Fried Turkey, Grilled Skirt Steaks, Grilled Mangia Chicken and Veggies, Grilled Shrimp Mojo, and Grilled Fish Mojo.
CONDIMENTS: The condiments are like your pro bowl caliber special teams players. Regular mustard and ketchup are on the bench. Think Shred Town food truck sauce, Rat Hole Brew Pub Avocado Butter, Homemade Pico de Gallo, Homemade Salsa, and give sour cream a spot at the end of the bench.
Antipasti Tray: Perfect party for a killer antipasti tray!
Jalapeno Chips: Because I said so
Now all you need to do is ‘Blow out’ proof your party in case the game is decided in the 1st quarter.
Strip Cards: Yes getting money involved will keep interest even in a drubbing.
Square pool: Ditto
Card Table: get the card table ready and you may have a 24 person euchre tourney break out.
Go Broncos….no no Go Panthers…wait wait GO BEARS 2016 is our year!