DOs and DONTs For Attending A Boat Party

I’m going on the Squaeler, what should I bring?
Many years ago my family used to go picnic at Olive Park at the end of Miegs Field. We would have the ‘go to’ picnic fare…a couple of buckets of the Colonel’s chicken with all the fixens. We would then walk Burnham harbor and go to Soldier Field to take in the then yearly all-star game played between the Super bowl champs and the college stars coming into the NFL. As we would walk the harbor we would marvel at the boats/yachts and dream and name our boat that we surely would have in Burnham someday. Well I don’t know for sure about all the visualization stuff you hear about, but we did end up with a killer boat in the harbor and have learned a few things along the way as far as what foods are great on the boat, and what to avoid.

Think of boating food as a great tailgate party with no ability to cook. That means you have to have the food prepared before you go. Also think about the heat, sun and water, and an unstable ride. Lastly think about the money involved in owning a boat, that it is most likely white, and if you bring something that ruins the upholstery, you will not get a repeat invite.
When you take all these factors into account here are some MangiaTV approved dos and donts for attending a boat party:

  • Do: Bring the best beef tenderloin cooked med rare, chilled and sliced for sandwiches.
  • Don’t: Bring mayo ladened anything. Bad tummy= no fun for anyone (Mustard, Oil and vinegar)
  • Do: Bring already sliced Hard Cheese/pickles/peppers/olives in compartment Tupperware.
  • Don’t: Bring smelly cheese that needs to be sliced and doesn’t hold up to the heat.
  • Do: Bring fruit and sliced veggies.
  • Don’t: Bring stuff that crumbles terribly, or is heavily dyed like RED VELVET CAKE.
  • Do: Bring more booze than you can drink and leave as a thank you.
  • Don’t: Ask how many MPGs the boat gets if you don’t have cash ready to chip in.

Now this is just a partial list. Of course you may be able to grill at the dock

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so get specifics of day’s game plan. Use common sense and ask if you don’t know. The last and most important thing above all else is… BE ON TIME!
For more on this topic watch this week’s Vamp, Boat Party with Chicago Helicopter Experience’s CEO, Trevor Heffernan!