Shooting LIVE TV show with a Sony Xperia Smartphone

Have you experienced technology disruption in regards to your career? Well I have and it took the greatest job on the planet and gave it to the geeks and computers. I am talking about the once fast paced, my word is my bond, world that was the commodity trading pits in Chicago. I can’t complain because it was a time and a place I was blessed to be around. I will say though, as Big D points out, it’s kind of like suffering from PTSD when you try to assimilate into the real world after spending 25 plus years in economic combat.

The rules are different in the real world and it’s taken me a while to find my way…and now I am using technology to my advantage. MangiaTV was born out of conversations in those raucous trading pits, and the joy of celebrating success with great food and drink with friends and family. Technology can never take that away….people gotta eat…. and with ever easier technology we plan on showing you how.
That is why we are shooting ‘Flatlander in Bend’, a LIVE TV show, with a Sony Xperia Smartphone. A Sony Experia smartphone to be exact. The Sony delivers amazing quality HD footage and acceptable sound with no editing. That’s what Live is all about.

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Share in my mistakes and triumphs in real time. The sound can be challenging and we are working on technology to help with that. Please tune in to our next broadcast and enjoy the fun!