Don’t worry, Be Happy

     As summer kicks in, and we all look for more ways to recharge after winter, I thought I’d take the time to talk about what it is to ‘Be Happy’.  I figured since I didn’t do a Father’s Day vamp this can serve well here, too.  After all, some major advice seeking from Dads has long been on the subject of attaining happiness.
It also goes well with the MangiaTV mission which down to its core is simply Being Happy.  Finding happiness has a great deal to do with how you approach this journey called life.

From the Well + Good blog there are 3 ways (backed by science) to be happy.  I am going to re-explain these with the slant of food+drink+community ie MangiaTV, but first listen to the words of Dr. Simon-Thomas. “People think that happiness comes from attaining some desired set of environmental circumstances: the perfect job, spouse, family, luxury, status, etc.,” Dr. Simon-Thomas says. “Research, though, has proven that inner resources, authentic social connection, kindness, and cooperation are much more influential to a sense of joy.”

  1. Be social: A no brainer when it comes to MangiaTV.  Being part of a community is truly a place to draw happiness from.  Feeling welcome and feeling like you belong are powerful triggers for happiness.  Equally important then is how you welcome and accept other people into your community.
  2. Be generous: Putting the effort into preparing a meal for the simple joy of seeing others enjoy it is real generosity.  There needn’t be any payback.  There is no score to keep.  Nourishing others is nourishment for your soul.  Watch people dig in and love what you have created for the table and watch your happiness grow.
  3. Be amazed:  This one can be challenging to achieve all the time…but it is still a good goal.  Creating an awe inspiring meal doesn’t happen every night.  But shooting for the stars every once in a while and actually pulling it off is a great feeling.  We say things in the MangiaTV kitchen like “Hit that one out of the Park” or “Physical” or we will make the dealer change hand gesture when done.  This one also works for trying new things and actually pulling it off.

Finding happiness isn’t some place you end up.  Living happiness is a choice and something we all can learn to be great at.  Understanding that you can make changes that result in being happier is powerful.  Being more social, generous and amazed is a great place to start.
Some other resources for great insights into happiness are Don Ruiz’ book ‘The Four Agreements’.  Dr. Wayne Dyer also has plenty to say on the subject and all his works are worthy of a listen.  What are you waiting for?  Happiness is waiting for you.