Music and Food

Music/Recipe Creation and the MangiaTV theme song
Recently I had the pleasure to talk with my good friend Dean about music creation and the similarities of the process to recipe creation.  In both cases the creator brings his life’s compilation of experiences to the task.  As Jacque Fresco says, “no one invented anything”.  That is, all creation comes as a one off from a pursuit of something else.  The light bulb moment is seeing something on the periphery when perusing something else.  It’s like keeping your eye on the ball is not the key, its being aware of the ‘light bulb’ idea on the side as you, “keep your eye on the ball”.

Food or recipe creation is similar.  Some of the best creations in the kitchen come from mistakes when preparing a dish.  Those tasty mistakes often become the basis for entirely new recipes.  The key is getting in the kitchen and dropping your fear of failure.  Like music, combining different styles of cuisine makes for interesting and tasty dishes.
Mangia. Whodafuks Steve.Music creation is the same.  The creator brings all his experiences and musical knowledge to the table and in the moment naturally jumps on those one off ideas that flow when you’re in the moment.  Most musicians need to record sessions because remembering what you did can be the most challenging part of creating a piece.
Dean says he usually starts with a riff or a tempo for song creation and the words for him come out of that.  He put together an up tempo beat with lyrics born out of the characters involved with MangiaTV, and the energy of our message.  The result is the new and official theme song for our brand. The rough live version is near the end of the Music and Food Cooking Vamp (36:05).  Click image on left to enlarge and see the lyrics, then sing along!
Look out for the studio version soon…  Till then, Cook someone a meal!