Game Of Thrones Season Premiere Party

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 8.34.31 PMThe series ‘Game of Thrones’ premiers its 5th season and we are excited to participate in a full on feast for the event.  What a great way to experience food with a ‘middle ages’ flair than to combine it with the energy of being in full period costume.  My guest on this week’s Vamp was the fair Ellen of Bend from the township of Winterjoy.  She has put her skill as a seamstress towards the making of the costumes. We agreed that the series has a way of hooking you because of the untimely deaths of your favorite characters.  The writer and screen adaptors have done a great job in emotionally hooking you into characters with little regard to their longevity in the narrative.  To celebrate this, the fair Ellen is hosting a dinner party worthy of any who would want to be a power holder in the seven kingdoms.

The menu will be heavy on wild game and root vegetables.  This year wild pheasant will make its way onto the table and from the Mangia.TV kitchen dragon wings and turkey legs will tease the taste buds of the guests.  We are also going to try our hand at boar stuffed forbidden apples.  Wash this all down with some blood red wine and maybe a special brownie for dessert and who knows what debauchery awaits.  We will post the “acceptable” pictures on Instagram….some of us have real jobs.

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