Why Buy Local?

Do you buy local? And why you should!
We have talked before about the health benefits of ‘community’. When you think about a healthy community one often thinks of a vibrant city or town center with flourishing shops and restaurants. There is only one way this can happen. You have to support those establishments with your patronage.

In this country we have had a race to the bottom in a sense in that we have traded off price and convenience for healthy, locally owned establishments. Town after town has shuddered business store fronts from this shift in spending habits. The evidence shows that when you keep your spending dollars local, the ‘multiplier’ effect helps all the community. (Good reads: The Multiplier Effect of Local Independent Businesses and Andersonville Used to Illustrate Economic Impact of Indie Businesses)
The beautiful thing about this is, you can reverse this urban decay buy supporting local businesses. Now I am not giving a rubber stamp to local businesses, your hard earned money should reward great food, great service, and exceptional workmanship. The fact is when you spend on locally owned establishments the money gets turned over in your community. Money spent at national chains gets sent away to the benefit of somewhere else.
Some of the local places I frequent in Bend, Oregon

When you visit my new home town make sure to check out these fine ‘local’ establishments… and tell them Bob…from Mangia dot TV sent you!