Valentine's Day: Be Mine

Be Mine
At MangiaTV we enjoy exploring the Holliday calendar with creative enthusiasm. With Valentine’s Day coming up we have put our energy into a MangiaTV approved guide to making a Valentine’s dinner that will be remembered. You can use these same principles anytime throughout the year when you want to kick up the passion in your life.
First, let’s just say that Valentine’s Day is all about LOVE and attraction. Understand that the most attractive characteristic in our book is authenticity. From this comes confidence, and together they beat any beauty secret pumped by any magazine. Have the moxie to be your truest self.
Second, it’s important to remember that Valentine’s Day is a feast. Just uttering that word implies extra effort in the endeavor, and if you concentrate your efforts on exploring ALL five senses in your plan you will knock the ball out of the park. We also recommend a K.I.S.S. plan for the food. Not that you have to suffer from a taste perspective, but you really want to make this a stress free meal, so stick with something in your wheel house.
So let’s see how to heighten all of our senses for this evening of passion.

  • Valentine’s Day is advertised with lots of RED for a reason. The color red works on you in ways science is just starting to understand. Let’s just say it gets you in the mood.
  • Lighting is also important for setting the mood, so turn down the lights, light some candles, or start a fire for your lighting needs.
  • Flowers and the table set-up round out the visual appeal for this night.


  • The fantastic aromas from your meal preparation are a given.
  • The smell of an open fire is hard to beat.
  • No fire place, try incense.


  • For a meal full of passion you must explore flavors, textures, and temperatures.
  • Cold fruit, warm cheese, paired with your favorite liquor or wine.
  • The meal is best if it’s something you can make together, like risotto. Spend the time at the stove attending to the risotto and enjoy your appetizers as you go.
  • Pair this with sautéed scallops in a HOT skillet with Mangia Fish Mojo.
  • Round out the entrée with sautéed green beans with almond slivers and gorgonzola cheese.
  • Dessert with Chocolate fondue, chocolate tart or flowerless chocolate cake or chocolate chocolates.


  • Pay attention to all the sounds that create excitement. The crackle of the fire, the pop of the Champagne cork, the jangle of ice hitting a rocks glass, the sizzle of food searing in the skillet. The mmms, and ahhhs, the XOXOXOs
  • Of course a proper sound track is of utmost importance. Some of our favorites are here for your listening pleasure – check out the MangiaTV Valentine’s Day playlist


  • If you have followed the script this will be a natural progression.
  • If dancing with the stars was held in the kitchen I would win. Dance in the kitchen.
  • Make it rain rose petals, then blow them off one at a time. Naughty…and Nice

Attention to these ‘details’ will go a long way to capturing the heart of your special Valentine. Make sure you share your Valentine successes with us, we love to see your love in action.