New Year’s Revolution

Happy New Year!! It’s time to celebrate the passing of 2014 and the welcoming of 2015. It’s traditional this time of year for people to make a New Year’s Resolution. Most time people declare something they are going to stop, or give up. If one thing is clear…this never works because the concentration is on something you don’t want, and alas when that is where your concentration is wha la, you get MORE of it. The Mangia.TV way is a New Year’s Revolution. Concentrate on doing more of the things you want and when you do there will be naturally less time to do the things you don’t want.

I am declaring this year to do more of the following:
10. Watching Football: This is actually a no brainer as I watched much less this year because Da Bears where so brutal. I dream of a 6-3 defensive smash mouth game. Giving up 50 points in a game is beyond words…No it isn’t..What the Fuck guys

9. Baking brownies: This is actually no brainer #2 as recreational green baking butter will be legal in Oregon. YUMMY
8. Hiking: It is proven that a walk in the woods elevates your immune system and the positive result from an hour hike will last days. I plan to hike lots more this year and maybe scale a few peaks as well. Don’t think of wanting to eat less. Think of moving more.
7. Fishing: I will fish more this year and that will not be hard as I don’t think I wet a line once in 14. Pitiful! I’m getting my license ASAP and hitting the rivers for steelhead. Then the Fish Mojo can take over and deliver the tastiest fish anywhere.
6. Look on the bright side of life: I aim to be more of a ‘glass’ half full guy in 2015. I plan on plenty of pints of great Oregon oat soda, and a half pint is nothing to fret about.
5. Meditating: The best time is just before you fall asleep and first thing upon rising. Simply painting a vivid picture of your perfect day or really feeling what a particular goal accomplished would be like are easy starting points.
4. Be more grateful: living from a place of gratitude continually aids me in the journey. Try it
3. Making great food and drink: As a Mangia Maniac myself of course I am going to continue to learn and create fantastic meals and cocktails for my crew.
2. Spread the Mangia.TV word: I really believe sitting down to a meal daily with the tv off and the cell phone silenced is the best time you can spend together. Make the food great and invest your attention to one another and see if your quality of life improves.
1. Live love: I know it sounds cliché but read the definition of, or the bible verse about, ’love’ and then ask yourself how you rate. Patient, kind, doesn’t keep score… I know I am challenged each day and having the goal of living love makes it easier to accomplish.
So that’s it. Make a list of ten things you want to do more of and concentrate on that. Forget about quitting, resolve to take a different path.

2015 Lets make it epic.