How To Fight the ‘Bah Humbug’ Blues

Tis the season….to feel blue. Along with lots of joy, the Holliday season can be emotionally trying for lots of folks. At MangiaTV we call this the ‘Bah Humbug Blues’.

For many, shopping for the perfect gift for the people on their list is a big stress inducer. Here are two sure bets to beat these shopping blues:

  1. Christmas shopping for your loved ones.
  2. Mangia Rub: There is no better stocking stuffer. PERIOD They get the rub, you get to enjoy a flavor packed meal.

With shopping out of the way, sometimes the Bah Humbugs still find a way to creep in and sour your Holliday mood. MangiaTV approved remedies will knock those Bah Humbugs out and bring real cheer to you and yours:

  1. Get outside: One of the best things you can do for your mood is get outside and get moving. Put together a rematch of that turkey bowl you threw three picks in. If the pond is frozen, sharpen up the skates and get the puck into the snow goal. Take a long snowshoe through the woods. The cold is no excuse with the plethora of high tech winter gear. If you don’t have any, get it on your list.
  2. Spend time with the kids: Nothing bring the joy of life more than spending time with the little ones. Get them outside and go sledding, make a snow man or snow fort and orchestrate a neighborhood wide snow ball fight. The key is spending engaging time with them.
  3. Host a Holliday Drink Creation Party: Holliday parties where the creative process of cocktail inventing is the theme are lots of fun. At our last one we worked on Holliday drinks and came up with the St Nicholi. It’s muddled mint on crushed ice with a Big Lebowski white Russian over the top. We started with mint and a full bar. Sometimes the simple addition of a Holliday staple to a traditional beverage is all it takes to be the party favorite.
  4. Share: I know that may sound cliché this time of year, but to truly embrace giving more of yourself and your blessings is living from a Christmas frame of mind. Share…not Cher, though she does a great O Holy Night…. what you can with those that have less and you will feel better.

We hope these simple tips help you all have a joyful Holliday season.
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