Christmas Spirit

I was watching the Christmas movie classic Miracle on 34th Street and loved the line, “Oh, Christmas isn’t just a day, it’s a frame of mind.” We all get caught up in the commercialization of Christmas at times and forget, as said in The Grinch, “Maybe, just maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe it means just a little bit more.” Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus, but more importantly the ‘new’ covenant his life ushered in. A life where love and forgiveness replaced the ‘eye for an eye’ mentality.
At MangiaTV we have some suggestions for living the spirit of Christmas:

  1. Volunteer: Any help you offer to most any cause is a step in the right direction. It could be putting meals together for the needy or gathering toys for the less fortunate. The act of giving one’s time is a powerful force for good in your community. Even getting off the couch and volunteering to mash the potatoes is a start.
  2. Give Away: Now is a great time to look at the amount of ‘stuff’ you have and don’t use. Lots of things sitting in your closet would be welcome and used by someone less fortunate than you.
  3. Be Better: That’s right, challenge yourself to be better every day. Let random acts of kindness be part of your daily routine. The payoff is a boost to your immune system and a better world. The Flu shot didn’t work this year. Better be nice… you’ll be healthy and avoid coal in your stocking.

Most of us have Holliday traditions that bring us joy and help us re-connect with friends and family this time of year. It may be special outings, or favorite movies watched together. The key is it must be something that brings such joy that it is worthy of repeating every year. Some traditions need to be carried on by the next generation. Hey, you Millennials, that means you. Someone has to plan, organize, delegate, and make things happen if traditions are to be carried on.
Here are some Christmas Eve traditions I grew up with and am looking for help to carry on:

  1. Shopping: There were several years in my young adulthood that I completed all my shopping on Christmas Eve. Ace is the place, and I can vouch for that. I know some of you younger Mangia
    Maniacs have not done any shopping, and I suggest (challenge) you to forget the stress, and plan about an hour at Ace to get ALL your Christmas shopping done Christmas Eve. Housewares, lawn and garden, sporting goods, something for everyone at Ace.
  2. Sport: Christmas Eve is a great time to avenge that disaster of a turkey bowl. Call it the Christmas Bowl and get outside and play a game. Field covered in snow? Then get the crew together for a hockey game on the pond. Go sledding or skiing or go to the gym and run a couple games full court. Just do something. You are about to consume 53,000 calories in 24 hrs. You have to prime the pump.
  3. Mid-night Buffet: When I was growing up it was a post Midnight Mass breakfast hosted by my parents. The tradition grew to my older siblings having the party and I, too, had some memorable post Mass celebrations. Many Christmas mornings where somewhat dampened from the excess cheer the night before. Planning a few great eats for a mid-night buffet is simple and
    memorable. Just when you think you have had enough here comes the cinnamon apple crumble, the spinach and gruyere quiche and the crispy O’Bryan potatoes. Let’s face it; you need something to get you to breakfast Christmas morning.

My real wish for Christmas is we all make a tradition out of living from a Christmas frame of mind on a daily basis.
From all of us at MangiaTv,
Merry Christmas