Be Mine!

Women’s equality has come a long way…it used to be said, “A woman’s place is barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen….” Well, now that comment is typically met with a well placed slap to the old money maker.
But as Valentines Day approaches let me be clear on my philosophy as it pertains to the fairer sex; “the way to a girls heart is through her stomach”.  I know this saying is synonymous with those hairy beast like creatures: man, but great food simply is the greatest aphrodisiac.

Taking the time to make a great meal says a lot more than taking the time to make a reservation.  Flash some skills in kitchen.  Ladle a little edible love in the dining room, and you’ll be b-lining to the boudoir.
That’s where Mangia Dry Rubs come in.
If you’re a rookie in the kitchen we got you covered.  If you’re an expert, we will give you another arrow in your cupid’s quiver. Experts, start your experiments!
Okay Rookies take a knee.  Rookies, your going to start by rubbing that beef tenderloin with some olive oil and Mangia Dry Rub and than roast referring to the handy table below.
Make sure you use a thermometer! Take out the roast 5 degrees before your desired temperature.  Let roast stand/rest/contemplate for 5-10 minutes.
Okay, good job!  Now it’s time to get your sides on.
Saute-up some shrimp and get down with some Mangia Cajun Shrimp Mojo.  Whip up a batch of Near East Pine Nut Couscous. Toss a refreshing salad, pour some wine and resolve yourself to the reality that pillow talk is the only language you speak now.
If you’re an expert, explore how Mangia rubs can open up your cooking imagination to endless culinary creations…. and then please share!
So get your rub on this Valentine’s day and get tasty, or lucky…or both?