The Family Reunion – How to make it Epic!

Want to know how to plan a family reunion for 300-400 of your friends and family? Well….. I’m sure there are some clans that approach this with a finely tuned “Corporate” structure with checks and balances etc., but that is not the Heffernan way. Heff-Fest comes off more like an Irish ant colony at work. Meaning from a distance it doesn’t look organized and no one individual looks to know exactly where they are going. It may appear like madness, but as in an ant colony everything gets done only with WAY more swearing and drinking. Everybody has responsibilities that have “evolved“ out of their individual strengths. Bring what you’re good at to the table and pitch in – in that way.

If you’re not good at anything you carry “stuff”.  Remember a family of slackers puts on really terrible parties, and nothing is worse for the fabric of the American family more than misdirected and uninvited slack. There’s a laundry list of duties that need to be taken care of (Setup/Cleanup, Da beer, Da band, Da fireworks, hell yeah fireworks, and most importantly Da FOOD) so if YOUR friend works for a beer distributor then it’s no stretch that the procurement and tapping of a cornucopia of oat soda falls on your shoulders.  A successful event begins with planning but is perfected as the result of years of experience. You learn so much along the way, like beverages need ice…but more importantly, shade.
Have a pool? You need to hire a lifeguard as some people are not as attached to their kids as you may think. Next thing you know you’re jumping in to save a tike, minutes after changing into your evening wear, while this poor kid’s knucklehead “dad” looks on without putting down his ear of corn. Nice parenting, guy! Some of these do’s and don’ts you’ll find in our reunion planner but remember that the energy put forth in the preparation shows itself in the atmosphere of the gathering. When you pair cherished friends and family with great food and drink in an awesome setting you build community and memories that last.